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Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

I blog a lot about waste here so imagine my glee when I saw a report that had come out this week saying that 99% of waste produced in Sweden is reused!

The country has 32 inciniration plants allowing the country to turn its’ rubbish into steam which is then used to power generator turbines to produce electricity.

This allows the country to rely less on fossil fuels however, with great power comes great responsibilities. Some has pointed out that burning waste might be sending more toxins into the atmosphere as the burning process produces filter gas and flue gas, which both contain dioxins and environmental pollutants.

Sweden have heavily regulated their Waste to Energy plants though and according to their Swedisn Environmental Protection Agency have stated that they have introduced flue-gas cleaning to reduce the amount of airbourne dioxins.

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The most obvious fact here, which is stated in the article, is that the world just needs to produce less waste.