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Chasing the Nobel Prize

  Being in science means that there are countless of Nobel Prize jokes going around so when I was in Scandinavia a few years ago, visiting every possible Nobel related venue was on my list of things to see (nerd alert). First stop was the Nobel Museum in Stockholm (picture 1). The museum is a […]

Oijared Hotel

Oijared Hotel Perched on pillars, this new hotel in the western Swedish town of Floda looks like it could blend into its surroundings. Designed by swedish firm Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, this hotel contains natural materials throughout and offers a great escape into swedish nature. The interiors look so pretty and very cosy, perfect for a […]


Fjäderholmarna A mouth full to pronounce, Fjaderholmarna is the closest archipelago island to Stockholm city. It takes 20-30 minutes to get there from the city and is a welcome island escape with the ferry ride offering you another glimpse of swedish scenery. The island is TINY, you can cover it within a hour and it […]

Tomorrow Machine

Tomorrow machine The packaging around your meat, the container your cream comes in, the bag your carrots come in are all made from plastic. Then comes Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design studio, who are making food packaging that is 100% bio-based and biodegradable. With a few inventions that include wrappers that change into bowls or […]

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

I blog a lot about waste here so imagine my glee when I saw a report that had come out this week saying that 99% of waste produced in Sweden is reused!

The country has 32 inciniration plants allowing the country to turn its’ rubbish into steam which is then used to power generator turbines to produce electricity.

This allows the country to rely less on fossil fuels however, with great power comes great responsibilities. Some has pointed out that burning waste might be sending more toxins into the atmosphere as the burning process produces filter gas and flue gas, which both contain dioxins and environmental pollutants.

Sweden have heavily regulated their Waste to Energy plants though and according to their Swedisn Environmental Protection Agency have stated that they have introduced flue-gas cleaning to reduce the amount of airbourne dioxins.

To read more, click here.

The most obvious fact here, which is stated in the article, is that the world just needs to produce less waste.


Can Currency

Can Currency

The Swedes are doing it again, leading the way in social resonsibility and creativity. Enter DDB, a company that brings business ideas to life.

Find one of these (looks like some sort of signage), take a bag, collect some cans the next time you’re out with friends at a music festival (where these are rolling out at), collect your cans and then go and trade you bag of cans in at McDonalds for some food.

Instilling in people to be environmentally aware and to clean up after themselves whilst getting something out of that. I hope this idea has taken off.



Stockholm Metro

Stockholm Metro I had previously written about the metro aka world’s longest art gallery here but here are some more pictures.