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Many Small Cubes

Many small cubes Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has created this marvel. Aluminum cubes are attached to one another by one edge. Some cubes are solely structural whilst others contain plants. A bit of a mixture between nature vs manmade. Art vs useful art. Shade vs light. -S.

Wood and Paint

Wood and Paint Belgium designer Stefaan De Croock (who also goes by the name of Snook) created a mural out of recycled wood and spraypaint. If you click through to his site, you’ll find more of his work that evolve around geometric patterns. I personally think the wood looks cooler because of the colours contrasting […]

Shoot goals not guns

Shoot Goals not Guns

For those of us who missed it, 21st September was International Peace Day and to mark this day Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai created a new campaign for the NGO Peace One Day.

A fooseball table was made but with a twist, the football players were all world leaders. Check out the video for some close up bobble heads.

Peace guys.


BBDO Traffic Lights

German company BBDO partnered with Smart to bring ‘The Dancing Traffic Light’ to the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. 

Members of the public were invited into a dance box where their dance moves were captured and projected onto traffic lights in real time leading to 81% more pedestrians stopping at the lights.

If only it didn’t cost so much to set up and execute.

Happy Friday guys and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


La Policia Esta Presente

La Policia esta presente After the Citizen Security Law draft was approved last month in Spain, anonymous artist group Luzinterruptus (previously blogged about here) took to the streets to protest. With lights. This act whose very basis is to make citizen’s protest against the Government illegal. This art installation wanted to draw attention to this […]


Dispatched German artist Jan Vormann has used lego bricks to patch up crumbing buildings. Starting in Bocchignano, Italy (top picture)- Dispatched has now gone on  be a world wide phenomenon. Click here to find lego bricks in other countries. Second picture from Amsterdam. The use of the very durable plastic bricks, brings a small amount of bite-sized fun into an […]

Why walk when you can dance

Why walk when you can dance?

How cool would it be if each major intersection crossing had music blasting when the lights turned green? Can you even imagine how much fun that would be if the songs changed each time? What about train stations?

There is just too much talking, selling and pushing. If boring places just put on some more plain music, maybe people would be in a better mood by a bit of groovin’.


Arc de Triomphe of Waste

Arc de Triomphe- Waste from civilization Artist Markus Jeschaunig builds an Arc de Triomphe made of stale bread sourced from bakeries, supermarkets and waste bins.This art installation is a little stale itself (get it?) as it happend in 2012 in Graz, Austria. The inspiration for this work was part global consumption, food waste and figures […]

Labyrinth of plastic waste

Labyrinth of Plastic Waste An art installation as part of the Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland involving more than 6000 plastic bottles not meeting standard requirements donated from a local manufacturing and bottling plant, LEDs and plastic bags were used to highlight the big business of bottled water present in the world and more […]