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Take a Seat, Make a friend

Take A Seat, Make A Friend.

Another genius idea by SoulPancake on youtube. Set up a ball pit and get strangers to take a seat and then get the conversation rolling by question prompts on balls all on life’s big questions. First question up is to share 3 things on your bucket list.

The couple finding out that they share some form of dentures? Too cute.

There’s something endearing about watching adults in a ball pit and to remember that everyone has an interesting story.

Have a great weekend guys!


A Pep Talk

A Pep Talk

I love this video from Robby otherwise known as the Kid President on the youtube channel SoulPancake.

I forget about the good things in life a lot of the time sometimes when I’m getting bogged down by the daily grind and get upset about news I see, hear and read. So I’m glad this pep talk exists and from reading the comments on the youtube video site, so do a lot of other people. And yes, I have watched this pep talk a few times when I need a pep talk to pull myself together.

I think the message is clearer when a 9 year old kid gives you the pep talk about the simple things in life that we as semi-adults/adults can lose sight off as the paperwork gets in the way.

“ The world needs you, stop being boring” is how the video starts. I hope by the end, you are as inspired as I am and spread some awesomeness around however big or small.

From someone trying to be gooder through this blog,