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Syngenta Photography Award

Syngenta Photography Award If I were in London, I would clear my calender and make my way to the Somerset House to see this exhibition. Professional and amateur photographer’s works are on display exploring this year’s theme of Scarcity Waste as part of the Syngenta Photography Award which aims to promote key challenges facing our […]

Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner Sarah Turner is a UK eco artist and designer who is the mastermind behind works of art made from plastic bottles. From exhibitions around the world and artworks made for the London Olympics in 2012. I’ve chosen pictures of 3 of her works above. Emily the elephant was made from 900 plastic bottles […]

Plastic Free July Recap

During the last month, I hopped onto the Plastic Free July cause to see how much single use plastic I could refuse.

So how did it go?
It went well. I did forget my cloth bag a handful of times (I think 2 or 3 times) and I was unsuccessful at finding a reusable coffee mug. But I started bringing my mug to the coffee stall instead (also helps when they’re located in the building) and have my steel tin can as a water bottle again. I declined a plastic bag (because I knew they wouldn’t have a paper one & I can only remember this because it happend last week) and carried my item in my bag instead.

What did I learn?
That EVERYTHING comes in plastic. Plastic takeaway containers, things I want to eat and use come in plastic packaging, earbud things, toothpaste is packaged in it and I came across a business that charges you more to dine in (take-away came with plastic everything and a plastic bag!).

Where do I go from here?
Ridding plastic from the world won’t be happening anytime soon because it’s so engrained (argh!)! But it made me more aware of its presence and my usage. Reducing plastic bags has been on my NYresolutions but I think now it should also include other single use plastics. This is only a small change but business owners out there (cough) have a whole lot of power. Now I need to go write my letter of complaint to this business….

Everything starts with 1 small change right?


7 days of garbage

7 Days of Garbage Photography Gregg Segal is working on this 7 Days of Garbage (click here for more pics) photo series by asking people to pose with their rubbish accumulated within a week much like an archeological record of everyones’ way of living. After having a look through the pictures, I first noticed how […]

Plastic Free July

Challenge: Attempt to refuse single use plastic during July (includes straws, plastic cups, plastic bags and coffee cup lids)

By Who?: Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) in Perth

– Because every single piece of plastic ever created in still somewhere on this earth (much like carbon but that’s an argument for another time).
– Because approximately 10 billion plastic bags are used world wise on a weekly basis.
– Because 50 million straws are used daily worldwide.
– Because the impact that plastic has on the environment and wildlife is not yet completely known.
– Because Australians send 1 millions tonnes of plastic waste to the landfill every year.

What about you?:

I am jumping aboard this ship (have jumped aboard a while ago but this is no place to toot my horn). I will be having a go myself. Plastic bags are easy and I’ve been trying to change my grocery shopping ways this year by bringing reusable bags (which I’ve recently found are riddled with problems but another blog post). As an avid coffee drinker, I’ll be looking into purchasing a reusable coffee mug (and may have already purchased it by the time this blog post gets published). And I need to dig out my steel tin can (aka reusable water bottle).

Click here for more information. Happy plastic free-ing!


Everything you buy is rubbish

Everything you buy is rubbish This does not need much introduction. We all know that the not so humble man-made plastic is not easily broken down by nature (if at all), The more we consume, the more plastic waste there is. So much so, that Charles Duffy, Willian Gubbins and Billy Turvey have made a […]

Football Season

Football Season UK based photographer Mandy Barker’s Penalty highlights plastic polluting the world’s oceans. 769 debris footballs from 41 different countries around the world are used in her works and each ball recorded as to where it had come from. Her collection was helped by about 90 members of the public after using social media […]