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Pantone Hotel

Pantone Hotel Aside from lego, Pantone is also a regular feature on this blog. Introducing the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. Designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert, each hotel floor is a different colour and lets your eyeballs feast on bucket toads of colour. If you were wondering, the hotel also has free wi-fi. […]


Foodtone So many great artworks with Pantone. Isabella Vacchi, a photographer based in Milan, has this great collection of snaps featuring food and their corresponding Pantone colour. To see more of her great work click here and for her tumblr click here. So many colours. Have a great weekend guys. -S.

Kinder Pantone

Kinder Pantone I love a great piece of artwork that is filled with bright colours and another particular favourite are objects neatly arranged. Combine those 2 and you have Kinder Pantone. The Kinder Pantone collection from french designer Aline Houdé-Diebolt features Kinder Bueno toys arranged by their Pantone colour. For more coloured objects neatly arranged […]