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Beehive Tap

Beehive Tap

How cool is this?! A beehive tap that collects honey without the need for disturbing the bees! Check out their website here. It’s not for mass purchase yet but they will be launching their Kickstarter page soon.

ZEB Pilot House

ZEB Pilot House Design firm Snohetta, who are one of the winning designers of the new Norwegian currency (click here if you haven’t heard about it), in collaboration with the Research Centre on Zero Emissions, have designed a house to produces more energy than it consumes. In the town of Larvik in Norway, the roof […]



Aka StreetPong has recently been rolled out in German towns Hildesheim and Oberhausen. It’s a simple game played by 2 people (1 at each side of the street) on the button controls of the pedestrian lights.

Designers Amelie Kunzler and Sandro Engel are behind this cool urban street game and their website it located here.

“In a world where cities grow of population you`ll have most encounters in the urban place.
Because of the population growth this place is becoming more and more anonymous, impersonal and more functional.

We are questioning the everyday life, analyzing the circumstances and want to find a playful solution to improve the awareness of life.

We want to reinvent the urban place by bringing back fun and personality.

We invent the urban place.”

Have a great start to the week!


Paper Scarf

Paper Scarf Sick of your ordinary cashmere, cotton or silk scarves? How about a paper scarf by Hong Kong based design studio Little Factory? You are free to write on it (as you would on paper) and oil based writing materials are recommended to prevent it washing off. The scarf is made from 100% Tyvek, […]

Christmas Suit

The Christmas Suit This post will seem out of character on this blog but as Christmas is my favourite time of the year, you’ll just need to put up with me for the next month or so. For those of you who have received ugly Christmas sweaters, you may need to hold onto your socks […]

Dangerous Popsicles

Dangerous Popsicles

As we head into the Australian summer, anything icy is very welcome at any time of the day. Adding some summer fun to popsicles, designer and artist Wei Li’s Dangerous Popsicles combines the  unpleasant aesthetics of cactuses and viruses to make a new range of summer popsicles.  

She designs the moulds based on the real deal and then 3D prints them (which you can watch above).

For more pictures, click here. How would you react by eating these ‘weirdly’ treats?


Wood and Paint

Wood and Paint Belgium designer Stefaan De Croock (who also goes by the name of Snook) created a mural out of recycled wood and spraypaint. If you click through to his site, you’ll find more of his work that evolve around geometric patterns. I personally think the wood looks cooler because of the colours contrasting […]

Gun Country

Gun Country Artist Michael Murphy creates art installations that use graphic illusions. This work- aptly named as Gun Country, uses 150 toy guns and when viewed from a certain direction, becomes a map of the US. Michael uses a range of different materials for his illusions so check out his website for more! -S.

Lego Kitchen

Lego Kitchen Lego gets quite an appearance on this blog (who doesn’t like those tiny building blocks?) when created to be an art form. So here is another. A kitchen made from Lego? Say what? Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti have covered their kitchen island (from IKEA) with 20,000 pieces of Lego for […]

Onefootball Office Space

Office spaces Onefootball (who i had never heard of but are apparently is a huge thing connecting ~14 million football fans across 200 countries) have recently moved into this new office created by TKEZ Architects. Channelling a football theme, this old factory has turned into delightful office space complete with artificial green lanes that includes […]