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BBDO Traffic Lights

German company BBDO partnered with Smart to bring ‘The Dancing Traffic Light’ to the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. 

Members of the public were invited into a dance box where their dance moves were captured and projected onto traffic lights in real time leading to 81% more pedestrians stopping at the lights.

If only it didn’t cost so much to set up and execute.

Happy Friday guys and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.



Why walk when you can dance

Why walk when you can dance?

How cool would it be if each major intersection crossing had music blasting when the lights turned green? Can you even imagine how much fun that would be if the songs changed each time? What about train stations?

There is just too much talking, selling and pushing. If boring places just put on some more plain music, maybe people would be in a better mood by a bit of groovin’.