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The shoe that grows


Sometimes, you discover something that restores your faith in humanity and this is one of them. Founded by Kenton Lee and the first project from the Because International Organisation, these cleverly designed shoes can be adjusted to 5 different sizes. Not only will these shoes allow children in developing countries the comfy with 1 pair of shoes that are destined to last 5 years but also projects against the elements, from areas of poor sanitation and from soil derived parasites.

On their website, you’re able to purchase 1 pair for a mere $10 to go into a duffle to be sent of to an area of the world where they are needed. It’s such a great idea and design and hopefully has long lasting impact of children so that they have a brighter future.


24 People, 24 Hours, 24 Communities

24 people. 24 hours. 24 communities

Rolling with the theme of giving at Christmas time, Toronto based TD Bank gave $30,000 USD to 24 people and told them they had 24 hours to make a difference. TD Bank picked their 24 people based on random interviewing in branches or employee nominations.

People other than the rich and famous can make a difference too.


BBDO Traffic Lights

German company BBDO partnered with Smart to bring ‘The Dancing Traffic Light’ to the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. 

Members of the public were invited into a dance box where their dance moves were captured and projected onto traffic lights in real time leading to 81% more pedestrians stopping at the lights.

If only it didn’t cost so much to set up and execute.

Happy Friday guys and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Win a free flight with KLM Dutch Airline

Win a free flight by hi-5-ing someone

Dutch airline KLM rolled out these interactive machines on a Live High Five event simultaneously in Amsterdam and New York. With real time video cameras, strangers on both sides had to achieve the perfect hi-5 with each other.

What a great way to go about free tickets! Tick for the creative marketing box by KLM.

Have a great weekend!