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Blogmas Day 5! 🎄

December is a busy month with all those Christmas parties to attend so I thought I would do this blog early on. Today we are talking about decluttering.

I’m very much into the out with the old and in with the new at this time of the year. What better way to start a new year more refreshed and bright-eyed to start a new year than to get cleaning.

THE book that has been getting plenty of mentions this year is Marie Kondo’s ” The Life Changing Magic of Tidying”. In this book, Marie talks about only keeping things that ‘bring you joy’. This includes books, clothes and furniture. The secret to this tidying up method is to hold the object in your hands. Since reading this book months ago, I have been slowly chipping away in my wardrobe which is the main area where I tend to hoard and keep pieces of clothing despite not wearing them for years “just incase”. It also reminded me to try and live clutter-free, which is something I have my sights on. I have also been going through my shelves and have thrown out (recycled) some old school reports (that was time from another universe!), am planning on donating some old books that don’t bring me joy and never really have and getting rid of paper.


If this sounds like you, MAYBE this is the time to set aside 1 day or 1/2 a day and to go through your things and either donate, sell, recycle or throw out some of things that don’t bring you joy.

Check out my tag ‘consumerism’ if you would to read abit more about this topic from my blog.

Happy cleaning!


The Ethical Fashion Journey

I blog a lot about ethical fashion and sustainable fashion but how much do I actually know about this topic?

I’d say maybe 20% if that? Ignorance is bliss until you decide that you want to know more. I’m not an avid fashion trend follower nor a 2nd hand shopper. I just bought when I either needed something or absolutely must have that deer cardigan. As time has gone on, I have grown out of a few items or they’ve been worn to death that they were either see-through or could’ve been used as rags. I find shopping arduous. I never seem to find the perfect fit or things that I like that I want so it was only up to very recently, maybe past 2 years, that I’ve sat down and thought about clothing.

We all start at this point of something triggering yourself to do something. So I started paying attention to articles, brands and youtube videos that explored this whole topic of which I knew nothing about. Ethical/sustainable fashion is not mainstream. Let’s face it, if I asked you for names of 5 companies that produce sustainable ethical clothing could you tell me? I can’t even tell myself. So I’d like to share some brands that I’ve come across on my journey into ethical fashion .

So far, I have got People Tree founded by Safia Minney. Made Jewellery . Australian brand Gorman. Australian adventure store Patagonia. Clog shoes brand Swedish Hasbeens.

Which brands do you know? Let me know because I’d love to discover more.


A letter from Sophie

Hi everyone,

It is almost the end of May. This is madness. I haven’t been blogging much in the past few week because I’m buried under uni work (thesis due in 2 months! Argh!) which has left me so drained of inner peace and just motivation in general.

I came across this article about creative arts director Matilda Kahl wearing the same styled outfits to work for over 3 years which is the most fashionable and adorable work wear attire I have seen in some time. In this article, she touches on minimalism and solving the “what to wear” conundrum by wearing basically the same outfit everyday and also on the subject of how women are still being judged on what they wear in the workplace rather than what they do. This reminds me of the exact same conversation I was having with one of my Airbnb hosts in Stockholm (who was head of operations at a lighting company). I like that this article and versions of it are across different media sources highlighting this issue that is not really brought to light (or hasn’t been for a while) and is just something to think about.

I’ve also read this article about how being in nature makes you a healthier and happier person as it can actually reduce blood pressure and stress hormones. I didn’t know this but it could also boost your immune system as well as making you more creative. I had better look into escaping to the forest at some point soon.

Lastly, it occurred to me that my blog just turned 1 year old in April! That went by so quickly, so much so that it had skipped my mind completely! Here is one of my first few posts about the things that no-one tells you about travelling alone.

Just some food for thought until next time. Have a great weekend guys!


The Daily Blog: Day 7 of 7

It’s the last day of the daily blogs! And here I am sitting in my room in partial darkness because I can’t be bothered to go and turn the ceiling light on. I don’t even have a picture I can pair with this blog because I have been busy all day and have just gone from being inside to being inside again. Boring! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog entries of the past week- it gave me the chance to offload some thoughts and got me actively aware of my environment so that I could snap some photos.

I’m hoping to sleep a lot of hours tonight because there’s a busy social weekend coming up. And plus, I need some rest because I haven’t been sleeping very well lately (hello stress). I guess today, the only thing that I really liked was chatting with people because everyone always (generally) has some new information to offer or new speculation (my favourite). I really appreciate engaged conversations about things like events, an experience (where you’re not bragging about something but where you learnt about something), news and all the new things in town that might be of interest. I find them engaging because you’re learning about something or someone and expanding your own horizons even though it’s a casual and social chat. I’m all for expanding horizons, squashing stereotypes, changing the way you think about something and speculation. Yes, I judge you based on what you choose to talk about.

Hope you all have a great Eurovision weekend!


The Daily Blog: Day 6 of 7


I’ve just walked one of two routes to my university building and actually took note of the jasmine bush growing out the front of one of the houses that I past. I love the smell of jasmine. The Wednesday morning struggle is happening this morning so I was pleasantly surprised that I even noticed the jasmine bush.

This morning on the train I was reading an article about how travel can change your personality, which then activated my travel bug even more. Can you tell through this week’s daily blogs that routine bothers me half the time? I’m seeking change and adventure and think that my current city no longer offers me this (and let’s face it, hasn’t for a while). Or maybe it’s a restless Sophie who is still trying to figure this life thing out. I meet more people in the few weeks that I travel than I do in a 6 month period at “home”.

I’m continuing this now much later in the day. I am exhausted! Hoping for an early night tonight.


The Daily Blog: Day 5 of 7



When I woke up this morning, there was fog. I love it when it’s foggy and wish it stuck around longer. I love crisp mornings and cold air in my lungs. I love it when Mother Nature wraps herself around us in every possible space. I’m on the train to uni right now and the fog has almost completely lifted.

I am writing this now at night. I was at an event tonight and they had real flowers that smelt like flowers! Have you realised how many flowers out there these days that don’t smell like anything?

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day.

– S.

The Daily Blog: Day 4 of 7


4 days in already! Monday mornings are not my favourite. I’ve been telling myself to get up earlier so I’m not rushing to uni every morning but hasn’t worked. There have been times where waking up early and leaving the house earlier were a thing. I’m not sure what has happend since then.

I love it when I write to friends living in Europe and get their replies once I have woken up. The wonderful world of time zones. It makes waking up alittle more interesting.

I thought that there would be something in my days thay might trigger some thoughts that I could write about and so far it has been quite good. But it’s 2pm and nothing has yet occurred in my day that has inspired todays topic. I was worried about this because lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m on the set of Groundhog Day. It’s a fear that I have and I do as much as I can to add some spice into my days. Fortunately, I have 4 different cafes to choose where I get my coffee from in the morning.

Does anyone else have feelings of Groundhog Day? What do you do to add some spice into your day?


The Daily Blog: Day 3 of 7



The end of weekend and still things that should have been done but have been sacrificed for leisure. I think you might agree with me that we should have a 4 day working week. We all seem to be living to work rather than working to live. It’s my hope that I will have a job that will not run my life and leave me with time to do things I want now that I’ve placed much more importance on them. I read a quote once about work not defining who you are but something that you do. I need reminding sometimes.

I’m on a crocheting roll with finishing a total of 4 squares since yesterday. I could crochet all day and even thought about taking it with me onto the train but I think I might give that a miss for now. It can be my reward for when I’m home.

I went for a walk today. I wished we had huge parks with great old trees that you could be in and not hear cars or see a house. I could pretend to be in the Swiss wilderness.


The Daily Blog: Day 2 of 7



I’m getting way too old for end of week drinks now. I’ve recently been trying to focus on ‘me time’, that is, time that you take for yourself doing things that you enjoy. When I first started, I didn’t have anything regular. There were things I wanted to try or things that I once really liked but have fallen through the cracks of life and growing up. But I got to the point where I made a conscious decision to make time for these things and rediscover them.

A few months on, I’ve started dedicating my Saturdays to these. I’ve started to become more guarded about my time and how I want to spend it, no longer having my time dictated by what I should be doing (like some uni work). It’s also a chance to slow down from the work week and to practise living in the moment.

So today, ballet class and buying some yarn were on the agenda. I’ve recently learnt how to crochet so will be having some crocheting times tonight.

How do you guys unwind? Do you have a saturday morning ritual? I’d love to hear about them.


The Daily Blog: Day 1 of 7



I would like to some heavy blogging on my next trip (it’s a goal but not sure if I can make it happen) so i thought maybe I should trial this out first. Can’t be too hard right? I’ll be posting these a day behind so that I have time to write and edit these posts. Today is Friday and I’m at uni. I’m at uni everyday, doing basically the same thing week in and week out so I’ll try not to write too much about it.

This morning I was trying to find one of my favourite stud earrings to wear but why is it that you can never find anything when you’re in a rush? I got these earrings in Tallinn and love them just because. I usually keep all my jewellery together so it was unusual that they weren’t where I thought they’d be. I’m hoping I’ve just put it in a jewellery box hidden under something or they might be in the bathroom in the cupboard there. Note to self: put things back to where they belong.

As I’ve had great opportunities to travel in the past few years, I find myself buying things (most of the time, that I don’t need) but end up loving these pieces are they’re like a souvenir of the place I had visited. I wouldn’t be able to pick one favourite!

I also made last minute plans with a close friend to have dinner & drinks this evening. What a great way to finish the week!

Hope you’ve had a great start to your weekend!

A bientot,