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Many Small Cubes

Many small cubes Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has created this marvel. Aluminum cubes are attached to one another by one edge. Some cubes are solely structural whilst others contain plants. A bit of a mixture between nature vs manmade. Art vs useful art. Shade vs light. -S.

Wood and Paint

Wood and Paint Belgium designer Stefaan De Croock (who also goes by the name of Snook) created a mural out of recycled wood and spraypaint. If you click through to his site, you’ll find more of his work that evolve around geometric patterns. I personally think the wood looks cooler because of the colours contrasting […]

Gun Country

Gun Country Artist Michael Murphy creates art installations that use graphic illusions. This work- aptly named as Gun Country, uses 150 toy guns and when viewed from a certain direction, becomes a map of the US. Michael uses a range of different materials for his illusions so check out his website for more! -S.

Onefootball Office Space

Office spaces Onefootball (who i had never heard of but are apparently is a huge thing connecting ~14 million football fans across 200 countries) have recently moved into this new office created by TKEZ Architects. Channelling a football theme, this old factory has turned into delightful office space complete with artificial green lanes that includes […]

Hunagrian Cubes

Hungarian Cubes German-Hungarian artist Katharina Roters captured pictures of ornately decorated Hungarian houses-standard housing built around the 1920s often associated with post-war communist Hungary. Known as Kadar cubes-named after communist president János Kádá- these houses are typcically met with hostility and disregard by locals. Decorated by their owners in a bid to add character in […]

La Policia Esta Presente

La Policia esta presente After the Citizen Security Law draft was approved last month in Spain, anonymous artist group Luzinterruptus (previously blogged about here) took to the streets to protest. With lights. This act whose very basis is to make citizen’s protest against the Government illegal. This art installation wanted to draw attention to this […]


Sanctuaria Dutch designer Morgan Ruben Jansen op de Haar, inspired by nature meeting with the man-made world has created Sanctuaria. This art installation carries endangered plant species from around the world, in their own capsules- a haven away from their destroyed natural habitat. This collection offers such a strong statement where nature has to be […]

Kinder Pantone

Kinder Pantone I love a great piece of artwork that is filled with bright colours and another particular favourite are objects neatly arranged. Combine those 2 and you have Kinder Pantone. The Kinder Pantone collection from french designer Aline Houdé-Diebolt features Kinder Bueno toys arranged by their Pantone colour. For more coloured objects neatly arranged […]

Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner Sarah Turner is a UK eco artist and designer who is the mastermind behind works of art made from plastic bottles. From exhibitions around the world and artworks made for the London Olympics in 2012. I’ve chosen pictures of 3 of her works above. Emily the elephant was made from 900 plastic bottles […]

Labyrinth of plastic waste

Labyrinth of Plastic Waste An art installation as part of the Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland involving more than 6000 plastic bottles not meeting standard requirements donated from a local manufacturing and bottling plant, LEDs and plastic bags were used to highlight the big business of bottled water present in the world and more […]