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ZEB Pilot House

ZEB Pilot House Design firm Snohetta, who are one of the winning designers of the new Norwegian currency (click here if you haven’t heard about it), in collaboration with the Research Centre on Zero Emissions, have designed a house to produces more energy than it consumes. In the town of Larvik in Norway, the roof […]

World’s Tallest Vertical Garden

World’s tallest vertical garden THIS may look familiar to some. The world’s tallest vertical garden lives in Sydney and is covered with 250 native Australian plants. With Parisian architect Jean Nouvel and another French artist and botanist (inventor of vertical gardens) Patrick Blanc at the wheel, each aspect of this building is built for a […]

Sevilla: A personal struggle

I was recently in Seville, a town situated in south west Spain in the Andalusia region. Having arrived from milder cities of more wintery temperatures, I was greeted with 39-40 degrees during most of my stay in Sevilla. Armed with no working knowledge of Spanish (bad bad pre travel prep), a previous week of no […]

Green Loop

Green Loop How cool is this idea to start the weekend? Green Loop is a proposed project by PRESENT Architecture that brings composting facilities (complete with a park on top) to New York city. More than $300 million is spent each year on transporting trash of which 30% is organic waste. By bringing composting to […]