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Win a free flight with KLM Dutch Airline

Win a free flight by hi-5-ing someone

Dutch airline KLM rolled out these interactive machines on a Live High Five event simultaneously in Amsterdam and New York. With real time video cameras, strangers on both sides had to achieve the perfect hi-5 with each other.

What a great way to go about free tickets! Tick for the creative marketing box by KLM.

Have a great weekend!


Emirates Upcycles

Emirates upcycles marketing poster

Definitely a move in the right direction, airline Emirates has recycled their posters by turning them into shopping bags. Using a 208 square metre poster taken from outside Zurich airport, they created more than 300 reusable shopping bags in 16 days.

In addition to this, the Swiss company Feinschliff were involved, which offers employment to people who have been unemployed for a large period of time.

Excellent choice by Emirates (even if it’s temporary and in a bid to win some brand loyalty).