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Label products not people

It’s been a while! I came across this recently which I really like. We all judge people by their appearances but this can be detrimental to us, others and to society. Although this is in part, your brain’s fault (that’s why we have stereotypes), it would be nice to not be prejudiced against other people. So Coca-Cola Middle East have starting this anti-labelling campaign to coincide with Ramadan to spread alittle love in a region with over 200 nationalities. Take note kids, this is the kind of world that will go far.


Hearing Hands

Hearing Hands

I blog a lot about advertising here and in particular, I like to show the good ones. Ones that go beyond the simple “our product is the best product”. Here is one doing the rounds by Samsung who are promoting their video conferencing service. This ad is set in Turkey and involves a town learning sign language to make the day of one of their residence Muharrem. As he starts his day, everyone he comes into contact with signs to him to his surprise. It’s such a cute ad with some heart and I’m glad it’s gotten over 8 million views so far.

How can you make someones’ day?

Have a great weekend guys.-S.

Pay for your McDonalds meal with Lovin’

Pay for your McDonald’s meal with Lovin’

Stop the press. From the 2nd to the 14th of February, selected McD outlets (only in the US!) will be offering random customers a chance to pay for their meal via Lovin’ which according to the video above, is spreading some love and fun. Sounds like an amazing campaign! 


Pepsi Chain Reaction

Pepsi’s Chain Reaction

To start of the new year, Pepsi partnered with design agency HarrimanSteel to create this new advertisement feature a whole lot of ping pong balls and mouse traps.

It’s already gotten close to 3 million views on youtube and here’s why: it’s creative and doesn’t feature a whole lot of beautiful people (not that I’m not a fan of beautiful people). Sometimes you just need to have a simple ad that lets the product speak ya know? In saying that, Pepsi is lucky to be big enough that their colours are all you need.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Billboard Prank

Billboard Prank

You know what’s funny? Scaring people and catching it on camera. You know what’s even more funny? Having this occur in public.

To promote the 5th Season of TV series Walking Dead, Sky Austria and Fox created this billboard at a bus stop in Vienna where zombies materialise and walk towards the bus stop. What makes it even more scary is that the backdrop of the billboard is the real life street making it look as though there is a zombie on the otherside of the glass.

Not sure how I would react to this in the early hours of the morning though.


Air New Zealand: Middle Earth Safety Video

Air New Zealand’s Middle Earth Safety Video

To mark the release of the third movie in the Hobbit Triology, Air New Zealand have released this cool safety video starring Middle Earth and its characters.

Have a great start to the week guys!


If you could change 1 thing

If you could change 1 thing about your body what would it be?

Jubille Project posed this question to 50 adults and children and filmed their response. Not all the reponses are shown in the video however, you will notice that adults wanted to minus something from their body.

What the kids answer will (hopefully) make you question why you had your first thought.

Does growing up and being surrounded by beauty standards subconsciously change us?


Union Creative Winners

What happens when an advertising agency gets shortlisted for Agency of the Year award? You make a video about how the company appreciates their employees.

Union Creative create a hilarious video and pokes fun at their own industry. Too good.


Bill the Billboard

Bill the Billboard

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly learn another new thing today- well you can and it’s called Bill.

A billboard that makes jokes about you? Enter Sprite, one of our favourite softdrinks and Ogilvy Kenya (a communicating agency) and you get Bill, promoting the notion to Obey You at an intersection in Nairobi,

Self loving guys & have a great weekend!


Any time is game time

Anytime is Game time

Here on Sprinkleofhappy, I like a good advertising campaign and here is another by Mattel Games. Together with TrojanOne, an interactive display was set up in a mall in Toronto where shoppers were invited to play Pictionary. Correct guesses were rewarded by Mattel staff.

Creative, fun and focusing on having a good time in a public space, thumbs up from me.