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Come fly with me


Can I leave it anymore longer between posts?!

It has been months since I added new content onto my blog. What a disaster in the blogosphere. Many things have changed and I’m just starting to find my bearings. So what has been happening?

First of all, I found a job! For those following, I was a PhD student ever since I started this blog and then found myself done and dusted. This usually means that sooner or later, I would need to make a living in this world. I found one! And the best thing is? I get to travel for work! Although just domestically. They say baby steps right?

Secondly, I moved out of home! Gone now are the days to penny counting for my holidays- money now flies out from my wallet left right and centre.

Thirdly, I don’t have enough annual leave to take a holiday yet! But obviously, there are plans. Stay tuned!

And finally, I’ve graduated! You can now officially call me Dr if you feel like it.

Tell me what I’ve missed. Tell me something random.

It’s good to be back here.



The year that was 2015!

Then 2015 happend……

I hope you are all saddened that another year has come to a close but are excited for the year to come!

I hadn’t shared Christmas Eve pictures with you yet so here they are:



The past few days haven given me some time to think about my New Year Resolutions (this time of the year is very conductive to long days day-dreaming) and making a list. Yes, I am one of those people that make resolutions and I try and see how many boxes I can tick off.

I have also been trying to think about what I want to blog about content wise in 2016. There are still more travel stories and places to write about and I’d like to see where this blog goes next year. But this year, which has been my first official year on wordpress, this blog has gotten 356 views, 211 visitors and 242 likes. So THANK YOU to all my followers, viewers and likers. To write for yourself is one thing but to write and engage with others is another.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely year and hope that 2016 is bigger and better. I’m excited for what the year might hold and also excited to be coming up with more blog posts and ideas to share.

Happy New Year everyone!

Bonne Annee tout le monde!


Live on Bloglovin!

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Just want to let you guys know that this blog is now on bloglovin!


Wanderlust Inspo

I’m not sure if wanderlust can have inspiration or is the verb of already having been inspired but anyway, check out the video above for some SERIOUS wanderlust.


Label products not people

It’s been a while! I came across this recently which I really like. We all judge people by their appearances but this can be detrimental to us, others and to society. Although this is in part, your brain’s fault (that’s why we have stereotypes), it would be nice to not be prejudiced against other people. So Coca-Cola Middle East have starting this anti-labelling campaign to coincide with Ramadan to spread alittle love in a region with over 200 nationalities. Take note kids, this is the kind of world that will go far.


Sprinkleofhappy has just moved in!

After much ahh-ing and hmm-ing, I have decided to make the big move over to wordpress. It’s not so big as I could just import everything from my tumblr page….oh the internet, you are amazing. I’ve linked it up so that hopefully, posts will go up onto both sites (because I’m just adventurous like that) so bare with me as I try and navigate this all and figure out how to post.


Hang Son Doong Cave

Hang Son Doong Cave

Meet what is currently the world’s known biggest cave located in Vietnam near the Laos border. This video was taken from the first drone exploring it and let me tell you, this doesn’t disappoint. I’m excited for this new discovering which is magnificent as what you would image (very movie-esque) but also part anxious because, this will inevitably become a tourist attraction.

This cave is so large, it even has its own climate! Oh Mother Nature, you do your very best.


Syngenta Photography Award

Syngenta Photography Award If I were in London, I would clear my calender and make my way to the Somerset House to see this exhibition. Professional and amateur photographer’s works are on display exploring this year’s theme of Scarcity Waste as part of the Syngenta Photography Award which aims to promote key challenges facing our […]

Weapon of Mass Instruction

Weapon of Mass instruction

On the streets of Buenos Aires, an unsightly vehicle roams its streets. Created by Raul Lemesoff, this quasi military tank carries books which are free and offered to anyone after some words. What a great spin on all things associated with war.

To read more about Raul and this tank, click here.

Maybe if we did more reading and book swapping and less fighting, the world might be in a better place. Just a suggestion.


What is behind the door?

What is behind the door?

Social experiments, I love watching them. Here’s one by youtuber Blake Grigsby. The reaction by some people (those are thinking, ohhh no how do I get these balls back in) are pretty funny. Check it out.