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Syngenta Photography Award

Syngenta Photography Award If I were in London, I would clear my calender and make my way to the Somerset House to see this exhibition. Professional and amateur photographer’s works are on display exploring this year’s theme of Scarcity Waste as part of the Syngenta Photography Award which aims to promote key challenges facing our […]


Gumhead Vancouver artist Douglas Coupland seeked the help of the public by installing a seven foot black resin head on the lawn outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. He then asked the public to stick their gum on it over a 4 month period. During this time, Coupland saw placement of the gum reflect on societal […]

Take a Seat, Make a friend

Take A Seat, Make A Friend.

Another genius idea by SoulPancake on youtube. Set up a ball pit and get strangers to take a seat and then get the conversation rolling by question prompts on balls all on life’s big questions. First question up is to share 3 things on your bucket list.

The couple finding out that they share some form of dentures? Too cute.

There’s something endearing about watching adults in a ball pit and to remember that everyone has an interesting story.

Have a great weekend guys!


Many Small Cubes

Many small cubes Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has created this marvel. Aluminum cubes are attached to one another by one edge. Some cubes are solely structural whilst others contain plants. A bit of a mixture between nature vs manmade. Art vs useful art. Shade vs light. -S.


Hexamine Canadian graphic designer Laurence Gregoire has created these coloured pencils that have zero packaging in order to minimise waste. These wooden pencils are bound together and can be snapped off. Awesome. -S.


Foodtone So many great artworks with Pantone. Isabella Vacchi, a photographer based in Milan, has this great collection of snaps featuring food and their corresponding Pantone colour. To see more of her great work click here and for her tumblr click here. So many colours. Have a great weekend guys. -S.

Wood and Paint

Wood and Paint Belgium designer Stefaan De Croock (who also goes by the name of Snook) created a mural out of recycled wood and spraypaint. If you click through to his site, you’ll find more of his work that evolve around geometric patterns. I personally think the wood looks cooler because of the colours contrasting […]

Gun Country

Gun Country Artist Michael Murphy creates art installations that use graphic illusions. This work- aptly named as Gun Country, uses 150 toy guns and when viewed from a certain direction, becomes a map of the US. Michael uses a range of different materials for his illusions so check out his website for more! -S.

Lego Kitchen

Lego Kitchen Lego gets quite an appearance on this blog (who doesn’t like those tiny building blocks?) when created to be an art form. So here is another. A kitchen made from Lego? Say what? Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti have covered their kitchen island (from IKEA) with 20,000 pieces of Lego for […]

Shoot goals not guns

Shoot Goals not Guns

For those of us who missed it, 21st September was International Peace Day and to mark this day Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai created a new campaign for the NGO Peace One Day.

A fooseball table was made but with a twist, the football players were all world leaders. Check out the video for some close up bobble heads.

Peace guys.