2016 starts!


Happy New Year!

I started the new year at Bondi Beach. It was packed, not too hot and not too cold and I was in the company of a friend who I had met last year on my travels! It’s such a surreal feeling when you meet someone in one country and then a few months or years later you meet again in another country.

I keep saying that there are “good vibes” for this year or maybe I’m just starting off the year with two handfuls of optimism. I’ll stick with the former. Up until now, I would say that I have lived each year differently each with varying degrees of “different”. Some have been similar and I’m finding that as I become older (and hopefully wiser), the need for change and growth becomes bigger. This year, I’ve decided that I should focus more on experiencing. I agree, it’s alittle weird to have a theme for the year, that’s what they do for the fireworks but this year will be my first out of university so there is nothing really holding me back!

I’ve made a list of resolutions which include:

  • try a South American dance class.
  • read more books.
  • try a bread baking class.
  • continue learning french.
  • to return to Europe.

One quote I came across during the past few months was ” You do you”. I can’t remember for the life of me, where I heard it from. I have a feeling it’s from youtube. So this year, I want to make a bigger commitment to myself and what I want out of this year. To live by what I stand for and the roll around in that. To spend my free time doing what I want and with who I want.

What are some of your resolutions? Are you also making a commitment to “you do you”? Let me know!


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2 responses to “2016 starts!”

  1. LostLifeLondon says :

    I’ve never thought of having a theme for a year, but Experiencing sounds like a good one… Hope 2016 is a great year for you!

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