Blogmas Day 21! 🎄

Hey guys!


I hope your holiday plans are in full swing now! The countdown is on! Today I thought that we should talk holiday plans! Majority of businesses/universities and schools have now either closed for the year or will be in the coming week here. I’m all for stealing other people’s holiday ideas so what are you all up to over this holiday break period?!

Our extended family are having a Christmas dinner, I have my books to get through (ideally before the new year), french grammar to do drills on & baking! I’ll be baking these gingerbread men again for the upcoming party plus a few other planned goodies which might turn up in another blog this week.

I’m not feeling that stressed this year. I’m still looking for a job and this is the first Christmas I’ve spent at home in 3 years. In all honesty, I would rather be on holidays away from this every lasting heat (although fortunately, it is raining today after our 41C yesterday!) and drinking mulled wine from an outdoor Christmas market. A girl can dream.

Let me know what your plans are for the coming week in the comments below!


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