Blogmas Day 7 ! πŸŽ„


Hey guy!

Just thought I would do a bedroom Christmas decoration post. I feel like we’re the odd ones out having a summer Christmas when everyone else is having a winter Christmas. Watching Christmas movies always makes me so jealous, as a winter fiend, I want a cold Christmas! My love for all things winter have trickled down to what decorations I have around my bedroom.


On my bedside table, this is my current set up. I have the reindeer which I got in Finland (during Winter) which I normally don’t put there but decided it would be a nice Christmas addition.

Next to it is a wooden star- which I bought when I was in Lausanne about 2 years ago. It wasn’t Christmas yet but I would be spending that Christmas alone so thought I would treat myself to a Christmas decoration on the road. This star is on my bedside table all year around as I just love it.

The last item which is always there is the Monet Glasshouse Candle. This has a tuberose scent and it’s so cute! Even with the lid closed, I get whiffs of it sometimes and I find that it’s very fresh and a nice smell to wake up to.

The pink-ish cloth drapped over my table is something I bought from India. I love the print and wasn’t really sure what to use it for when I got it (perhaps pillow covers or a blanket cover after some DIY) but have decided that for now, it can stay there.

What Christmas decorations have you got up in your bedrooms? I’d love to see!


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