A letter from Sophie

Hello there.

I initially drafted this post as a July post but never finished writing it in time so happy August!

I have been a little MIA and am thoroughly annoyed but things have been busy on my end with trying to get my thesis ready to submit. Woo!. I hope there will be more regular-ish posts from mid-August onwards. I have also yet to figure out how to change the time zone in my posting section so if anyone else knows, let me know!

In the meantime, I came across this article recently about 9 dying tourist sites because of tourists and is actually focused on a topic that I have wanted to blog about for ages so I better get writing now that it’s been re-triggered in my mind. As much as I love travelling, all human behaviour has an impact on our environment and I think we are so behind the times on where we should be at addressing these issues (in every sense). Leaving you with some food for thought until next time.

I hope the world is finding you well or vice-versa and I shall be updating you soon!




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