The Ethical Fashion Journey

I blog a lot about ethical fashion and sustainable fashion but how much do I actually know about this topic?

I’d say maybe 20% if that? Ignorance is bliss until you decide that you want to know more. I’m not an avid fashion trend follower nor a 2nd hand shopper. I just bought when I either needed something or absolutely must have that deer cardigan. As time has gone on, I have grown out of a few items or they’ve been worn to death that they were either see-through or could’ve been used as rags. I find shopping arduous. I never seem to find the perfect fit or things that I like that I want so it was only up to very recently, maybe past 2 years, that I’ve sat down and thought about clothing.

We all start at this point of something triggering yourself to do something. So I started paying attention to articles, brands and youtube videos that explored this whole topic of which I knew nothing about. Ethical/sustainable fashion is not mainstream. Let’s face it, if I asked you for names of 5 companies that produce sustainable ethical clothing could you tell me? I can’t even tell myself. So I’d like to share some brands that I’ve come across on my journey into ethical fashion .

So far, I have got People Tree founded by Safia Minney. Made Jewellery . Australian brand Gorman. Australian adventure store Patagonia. Clog shoes brand Swedish Hasbeens.

Which brands do you know? Let me know because I’d love to discover more.



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4 responses to “The Ethical Fashion Journey”

  1. heaneym says :

    I don’t know anything really about who produces ethical clothes either, but I feel I really should. I’m becoming more concious about the production of the things I own (& eat).

  2. 1H says :

    I feel very guilty because almoust all my clothes and shoe are “normal” and I wear then with guilt, and I hope that next time I need something (and I think it won’t be too soon) I can find a guilty free source, if you know of something more than the mentioned in ur post, let me know, I will let you know too if I find something super evolved. Good? 🙂

    • sprinkleofhappy says :

      I know the feeling! But i think to get around it, you should love all your clothing and wear them to their death. This way, when you’re tempted by new clothing, only buy it if you really love it.

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