A letter from Sophie

Hi everyone,

It is almost the end of May. This is madness. I haven’t been blogging much in the past few week because I’m buried under uni work (thesis due in 2 months! Argh!) which has left me so drained of inner peace and just motivation in general.

I came across this article about creative arts director Matilda Kahl wearing the same styled outfits to work for over 3 years which is the most fashionable and adorable work wear attire I have seen in some time. In this article, she touches on minimalism and solving the “what to wear” conundrum by wearing basically the same outfit everyday and also on the subject of how women are still being judged on what they wear in the workplace rather than what they do. This reminds me of the exact same conversation I was having with one of my Airbnb hosts in Stockholm (who was head of operations at a lighting company). I like that this article and versions of it are across different media sources highlighting this issue that is not really brought to light (or hasn’t been for a while) and is just something to think about.

I’ve also read this article about how being in nature makes you a healthier and happier person as it can actually reduce blood pressure and stress hormones. I didn’t know this but it could also boost your immune system as well as making you more creative. I had better look into escaping to the forest at some point soon.

Lastly, it occurred to me that my blog just turned 1 year old in April! That went by so quickly, so much so that it had skipped my mind completely! Here is one of my first few posts about the things that no-one tells you about travelling alone.

Just some food for thought until next time. Have a great weekend guys!



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