The Daily Blog: Day 6 of 7


I’ve just walked one of two routes to my university building and actually took note of the jasmine bush growing out the front of one of the houses that I past. I love the smell of jasmine. The Wednesday morning struggle is happening this morning so I was pleasantly surprised that I even noticed the jasmine bush.

This morning on the train I was reading an article about how travel can change your personality, which then activated my travel bug even more. Can you tell through this week’s daily blogs that routine bothers me half the time? I’m seeking change and adventure and think that my current city no longer offers me this (and let’s face it, hasn’t for a while). Or maybe it’s a restless Sophie who is still trying to figure this life thing out. I meet more people in the few weeks that I travel than I do in a 6 month period at “home”.

I’m continuing this now much later in the day. I am exhausted! Hoping for an early night tonight.


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