The Daily Blog: Day 3 of 7



The end of weekend and still things that should have been done but have been sacrificed for leisure. I think you might agree with me that we should have a 4 day working week. We all seem to be living to work rather than working to live. It’s my hope that I will have a job that will not run my life and leave me with time to do things I want now that I’ve placed much more importance on them. I read a quote once about work not defining who you are but something that you do. I need reminding sometimes.

I’m on a crocheting roll with finishing a total of 4 squares since yesterday. I could crochet all day and even thought about taking it with me onto the train but I think I might give that a miss for now. It can be my reward for when I’m home.

I went for a walk today. I wished we had huge parks with great old trees that you could be in and not hear cars or see a house. I could pretend to be in the Swiss wilderness.


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One response to “The Daily Blog: Day 3 of 7”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    I’m so with you on the 4 day work week!

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