The Daily Blog: Day 2 of 7



I’m getting way too old for end of week drinks now. I’ve recently been trying to focus on ‘me time’, that is, time that you take for yourself doing things that you enjoy. When I first started, I didn’t have anything regular. There were things I wanted to try or things that I once really liked but have fallen through the cracks of life and growing up. But I got to the point where I made a conscious decision to make time for these things and rediscover them.

A few months on, I’ve started dedicating my Saturdays to these. I’ve started to become more guarded about my time and how I want to spend it, no longer having my time dictated by what I should be doing (like some uni work). It’s also a chance to slow down from the work week and to practise living in the moment.

So today, ballet class and buying some yarn were on the agenda. I’ve recently learnt how to crochet so will be having some crocheting times tonight.

How do you guys unwind? Do you have a saturday morning ritual? I’d love to hear about them.



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One response to “The Daily Blog: Day 2 of 7”

  1. lucyfraser says :

    Naw, not too old for end of week drinks!! Though crocheting is much more productive. Most of the time….!

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