The Daily Blog: Day 1 of 7



I would like to some heavy blogging on my next trip (it’s a goal but not sure if I can make it happen) so i thought maybe I should trial this out first. Can’t be too hard right? I’ll be posting these a day behind so that I have time to write and edit these posts. Today is Friday and I’m at uni. I’m at uni everyday, doing basically the same thing week in and week out so I’ll try not to write too much about it.

This morning I was trying to find one of my favourite stud earrings to wear but why is it that you can never find anything when you’re in a rush? I got these earrings in Tallinn and love them just because. I usually keep all my jewellery together so it was unusual that they weren’t where I thought they’d be. I’m hoping I’ve just put it in a jewellery box hidden under something or they might be in the bathroom in the cupboard there. Note to self: put things back to where they belong.

As I’ve had great opportunities to travel in the past few years, I find myself buying things (most of the time, that I don’t need) but end up loving these pieces are they’re like a souvenir of the place I had visited. I wouldn’t be able to pick one favourite!

I also made last minute plans with a close friend to have dinner & drinks this evening. What a great way to finish the week!

Hope you’ve had a great start to your weekend!

A bientot,

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