Life Smartphone

I came across this hilarious short clip. I’m not sure who made it but it’s on youtube and is a gross but not so far off snapshot of our smartphone days. I can’t even remember the days of ordinary mobiles (I did start off on these ordinary mobiles) even though it wasn’t so long ago! It was actually only in the later stages of my Bachelor’s degree that I got my first smartphone.

In a world where it is increasingly hard to be disconnected from the online world, as work and now our social lives depend on the online interactions, this just serves as a friendly reminder that we need to look away from the screens. It’s something that I’m still finding hard to do (twitter break needed) and isn’t it weird that we are now having to force ourselves away from it? I find that I’m increasingly trying to find way to “escape” the modern world. The way our lives are headed doesn’t seem to help in any way at switching off and I think maybe this is a bad thing that will be lead to an increase in unhappiness. What do you think? Do you have strategies on how to disconnect from the world? Is it something that you’ve thought about doing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts so let me know!




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