How not to see Oslo

I went to Oslo during my Scandinavian escapade and was only there for 4 days but let me share some lessons I have learnt in those 4 days about visiting Oslo that someone else might benefit from.

Firstly, Oslo is not just known for being one of the World’s most expensive cities for no reason, it’s expennnnsive. For example, a simple sandwich from 7/11 will cost you about $10AUD. As such, it would be best if you found a place to stay that has a kitchen- great options are AirBnB and/or couchsurfing.

Secondly, most places are closed over the Easter weekend and most Norwegians are also out of the city enjoying the slopes and snow. I felt like I didn’t get to experience Oslo on a normal day as it would’ve been nice to be walking out and about with locals going about their business rather than just tourists everywhere. Thirdly, I’m a HUGE fan of riding public transport in places that I visit. I think it’s to get the “feel” of the city.

However, because I found Oslo quite expensive, I only went on a bus ride. It did give me some views of the outskirts of Oslo but I would’ve really liked to have used their metro. Next time. So here are my personal tips so that your trip to Oslo will be better planned.

Got anymore tips? Let me know!



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