Syngenta Photography Award

Syngenta Photography Award

If I were in London, I would clear my calender and make my way to the Somerset House to see this exhibition. Professional and amateur photographer’s works are on display exploring this year’s theme of Scarcity Waste as part of the Syngenta Photography Award which aims to promote key challenges facing our world today. The whole collection is also online here.

There are many many captivating pictures of people from around the work, contrasting lives of those from different countries and in a sense the negatives of Globalisation. A number of themes are explored such as food waste, water and our planet under pressure. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Picture 1:  Mustafah Abdulaziz, ‘Grey Bush’ 
Freetown, Sierra Leone, 2012. 1st Prize – Professional Commission          

Picture 2: Pétur   Thomsen, ‘Imported Landscape’. Kárahnjúkar, Iceland, 

Picture 3: Michael Hall, ‘Mountain of Plastic’. China,  2012

Free admission until 10 April 2015.


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