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Swedish Air

Swedish Air

You would never guess what this ad is for if you didn’t see the end which goes to show that you don’t even need to advertise a product in your ad at all to make a point.


How not to see Oslo

I went to Oslo during my Scandinavian escapade and was only there for 4 days but let me share some lessons I have learnt in those 4 days about visiting Oslo that someone else might benefit from. Firstly, Oslo is not just known for being one of the World’s most expensive cities for no reason, it’s […]

Syngenta Photography Award

Syngenta Photography Award If I were in London, I would clear my calender and make my way to the Somerset House to see this exhibition. Professional and amateur photographer’s works are on display exploring this year’s theme of Scarcity Waste as part of the Syngenta Photography Award which aims to promote key challenges facing our […]

Hearing Hands

Hearing Hands

I blog a lot about advertising here and in particular, I like to show the good ones. Ones that go beyond the simple “our product is the best product”. Here is one doing the rounds by Samsung who are promoting their video conferencing service. This ad is set in Turkey and involves a town learning sign language to make the day of one of their residence Muharrem. As he starts his day, everyone he comes into contact with signs to him to his surprise. It’s such a cute ad with some heart and I’m glad it’s gotten over 8 million views so far.

How can you make someones’ day?

Have a great weekend guys.-S.

Weapon of Mass Instruction

Weapon of Mass instruction

On the streets of Buenos Aires, an unsightly vehicle roams its streets. Created by Raul Lemesoff, this quasi military tank carries books which are free and offered to anyone after some words. What a great spin on all things associated with war.

To read more about Raul and this tank, click here.

Maybe if we did more reading and book swapping and less fighting, the world might be in a better place. Just a suggestion.


A letter from Sophie

Hi guys,

We’re wrapping up summer here now and in the past month I’ve had a little wardrobe clean up recently resulting in bags of clothing making their way to the donation centre and 1 to throw (or reuse as cleaning wipes). As i was looking into capsule wardrobes I came across Project 333. Courtney started this project which invites people to challenge themselves to wearing only 33 pieces of clothing in 3 months. This doesn’t include underwear, socks or uniforms. If you’re up for the challenge, click here for more rules.

I was thinking about starting this but I feel like I would be better suited to down sizing my wardrobe without having a limit. The more I clean out my wardrobe (without adding anything in), the more conscious I become of what I wear the most and colours I wear the most so I feel from here on in, sale buys won’t be so enticing anymore and it’ll be easier for me to pick holes in my wardrobe. So if you’ve been thinking about doing a wardrobe clean up, now is the time!


What is behind the door?

What is behind the door?

Social experiments, I love watching them. Here’s one by youtuber Blake Grigsby. The reaction by some people (those are thinking, ohhh no how do I get these balls back in) are pretty funny. Check it out. 


Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau Home to the Bun Festival, my visit to Cheung Chau did not even scratch the service of what this island has to offer. Every time I go on family trips, I feel like I’m not as prepared as I would normally be if I was travelling alone (another tick for the travelling alone […]