A letter from Sophie

Hi guys,

You may or may not have noticed the lack of posts this week and that was due to me being sick for the 2nd time this year and we’re just reached the 2nd month! I feel however, that posts frequency may fluctuate in the next few months because of work but I will try my best. You might also see some changes in posts perhaps because I feel like this blog isn’t where I would like it yet. Sit tight!

In the last little while, I was reading this article about what a man learnt from going a week wearing make-up. How he felt and how he was treated is all documented.

I watched this TedX talk on how it takes 20 hours to learn something new. I think I will be posting about this in the near future because it is AMAZING. I also watched this TedX talk about ethical jewellery and it’s such an insightful talk into the world of jewellery manufacturing and is a beginner eye opener into what I would think is a complicated matter.

This article includes peoples’ journey’s in decluttering their homes and how they felt afterwards. I have recently done my own summer clean of my wardrobe and am getting there.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day or night wherever you.



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