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Tai O

Tai O I had always pictured Hong Kong to be a concrete jungle but alas, it has more to offer. Located on Lantau Island, the fishing village of Tai O is the home of the Tanka people where the iconic stilt houses lie. It was on my list of things to see (not a fan […]

ZEB Pilot House

ZEB Pilot House Design firm Snohetta, who are one of the winning designers of the new Norwegian currency (click here if you haven’t heard about it), in collaboration with the Research Centre on Zero Emissions, have designed a house to produces more energy than it consumes. In the town of Larvik in Norway, the roof […]

You have too much

If you need a little inspiration for the coming year at spring cleaning your life, you might want to take about 20 minutes out of your day to read this new book by designer and writer Chris Thomas titled “You have too much shit”.

As the title suggests, this book is not going to be giving you a peaceful and slow self actualised discovery, it’s going to tell it like it is and that you actually have too much shit.

You can find the free pdf file here but it’s also for sale if you wish to send it someone for a birthday present.


A letter from Sophie

Dear reader,

Did you like how I started with a new greeting? As with every other blog, I think you and I should sit down right here, right now and have a little heart to heart.

As we toss the ropes and set sail into 2015, I think this is the perfect time for the both of us to reflect on the year that has just turned the page and think about what we want from 2015. I’ve been thinking about what I want to keep doing this year, what I would like to do this year and how should I spend my free time (and what I should focus my energy on).

So, what do you want to keep doing this year, what would you like to do and how should you spend your free (or not free) time?


Pepsi Chain Reaction

Pepsi’s Chain Reaction

To start of the new year, Pepsi partnered with design agency HarrimanSteel to create this new advertisement feature a whole lot of ping pong balls and mouse traps.

It’s already gotten close to 3 million views on youtube and here’s why: it’s creative and doesn’t feature a whole lot of beautiful people (not that I’m not a fan of beautiful people). Sometimes you just need to have a simple ad that lets the product speak ya know? In saying that, Pepsi is lucky to be big enough that their colours are all you need.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



Fjäderholmarna A mouth full to pronounce, Fjaderholmarna is the closest archipelago island to Stockholm city. It takes 20-30 minutes to get there from the city and is a welcome island escape with the ferry ride offering you another glimpse of swedish scenery. The island is TINY, you can cover it within a hour and it […]



Aka StreetPong has recently been rolled out in German towns Hildesheim and Oberhausen. It’s a simple game played by 2 people (1 at each side of the street) on the button controls of the pedestrian lights.

Designers Amelie Kunzler and Sandro Engel are behind this cool urban street game and their website it located here.

“In a world where cities grow of population you`ll have most encounters in the urban place.
Because of the population growth this place is becoming more and more anonymous, impersonal and more functional.

We are questioning the everyday life, analyzing the circumstances and want to find a playful solution to improve the awareness of life.

We want to reinvent the urban place by bringing back fun and personality.

We invent the urban place.”

Have a great start to the week!


Hong Kong Markets

Hong Kong Markets On my most recent trip to Hong Kong, I had a few markets I wanted to have a look at so here they are. First up, there is the Goldfish market located on Tung Choi Street North, Mong Kok. This is not so much a ‘market’ but actual shops (after shop) selling […]


Gumhead Vancouver artist Douglas Coupland seeked the help of the public by installing a seven foot black resin head on the lawn outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. He then asked the public to stick their gum on it over a 4 month period. During this time, Coupland saw placement of the gum reflect on societal […]

A letter from Sophie

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year guys! And hellooooooo 2015! I hope everyone has had a relaxing and great holiday break. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks (my entire holiday period so that was great timing), got to visit Hong Kong for a week and am now currently being eaten alive by mosquitoes in the great* Australian summer.

In the lead up to Christmas I found out all about vlogging and in particular vlogmas and was hooked on Ingrid Nilsen’s channel The Grid Monster. What is it with the fascination with the lives of total strangers? I have no idea but I now want a Christmas jumper.

I can feel that this new year will be a year of happening! My PhD is due this year and I will eventually have to find a job but in the mean time, I’m excited about what the design and travel world has to offer and hope that you’ll enjoy them too!