A letter from Sophie

I went to a talk from The Minimalists earlier last month. It’s a (could you say a lifestyle?) choice that I’m still thinking about and is still ongoing.

I came across this article recently which focuses on another aspect of minimalism. That the most successful people (by definition in this article as people who have contributed greatly to our everyday lives by what they have created or the power they weld and they go by the names of Obama, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Einstein) wear the same thing most days.

The science of simplicity. There is actually something called decision fatigue which is a real psychological condition where a person’s productivity decreases due to being mentally exhausted from having to make irrelevant decisions.

“ Our life is frittered away by detail

.…Simply, simplify”- Henry David Thoreau

Just some food for thought.

Have a great weekend guys.



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