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Billboard Prank

Billboard Prank

You know what’s funny? Scaring people and catching it on camera. You know what’s even more funny? Having this occur in public.

To promote the 5th Season of TV series Walking Dead, Sky Austria and Fox created this billboard at a bus stop in Vienna where zombies materialise and walk towards the bus stop. What makes it even more scary is that the backdrop of the billboard is the real life street making it look as though there is a zombie on the otherside of the glass.

Not sure how I would react to this in the early hours of the morning though.


Dangerous Popsicles

Dangerous Popsicles

As we head into the Australian summer, anything icy is very welcome at any time of the day. Adding some summer fun to popsicles, designer and artist Wei Li’s Dangerous Popsicles combines the  unpleasant aesthetics of cactuses and viruses to make a new range of summer popsicles.  

She designs the moulds based on the real deal and then 3D prints them (which you can watch above).

For more pictures, click here. How would you react by eating these ‘weirdly’ treats?


The Electronic Afterlife

The Electronic Afterlife

FIlmmaker Alex Gorosh was commissioned by Gizmogul to make a video about electronic waste and where it ends up.

With ewaste from the western world making it’s way to developing countries where young men work around the clock burning our waste to earn a few dollars and in the process, are consuming toxic fumes, this video is a friendly reminder to consume well and recycle well.


Air New Zealand: Middle Earth Safety Video

Air New Zealand’s Middle Earth Safety Video

To mark the release of the third movie in the Hobbit Triology, Air New Zealand have released this cool safety video starring Middle Earth and its characters.

Have a great start to the week guys!


If you could change 1 thing

If you could change 1 thing about your body what would it be?

Jubille Project posed this question to 50 adults and children and filmed their response. Not all the reponses are shown in the video however, you will notice that adults wanted to minus something from their body.

What the kids answer will (hopefully) make you question why you had your first thought.

Does growing up and being surrounded by beauty standards subconsciously change us?


Fruity Toilet Rolls

Fruity Toilet Rolls Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not in this case. Unfortunately, these are no edible. Apparently in Japan, customers are given toilet rolls as a novelty gift from businesses as a token of appreciation so Latona Marketing have decided to create some fruit inspired toilet paper. They look fun […]

Spacious Airplane Apartment KLM Royal Dutch

Spacious Airplane Apartment KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are offering people a chance to stay in a refurbished airplane and has listed it on AirBnB. It can house 4 people, has a kitchen and 116 windows. The plane is located smack bang close to the action next to the runway at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Movies […]

Union Creative Winners

What happens when an advertising agency gets shortlisted for Agency of the Year award? You make a video about how the company appreciates their employees.

Union Creative create a hilarious video and pokes fun at their own industry. Too good.


Pantone Hotel

Pantone Hotel Aside from lego, Pantone is also a regular feature on this blog. Introducing the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. Designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert, each hotel floor is a different colour and lets your eyeballs feast on bucket toads of colour. If you were wondering, the hotel also has free wi-fi. […]

Many Small Cubes

Many small cubes Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has created this marvel. Aluminum cubes are attached to one another by one edge. Some cubes are solely structural whilst others contain plants. A bit of a mixture between nature vs manmade. Art vs useful art. Shade vs light. -S.