A letter from Sophie

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying the content on sprinkles of happy and that it’s brightening up your day (if you needed it) or at least giving you some neuronal firing.

Introducing 2 new things on this blog as of today.

Number 1. The hashtag #gender equality. I’ve updated the relevant posts with the hashtag now which are all here. Just a quick point out that this hashtag won’t only be focusing on women but will also focusing attention of the male inequality.

Number 2. A letter from Sophie! (also # a letter from sophie) In a bid to make this blog a tiny bit more personal minus telling the whole world who I am (unless you actually know me in person, then that’s ok) and what I’m up to on a day to day basis (sciencing fyi). Not sure how often these will be posted but let us just see.

Have a good week me hearties.




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