Consumerism and Values

Consumerism and values

I recently went to a public lecture given by Professor Tim Kasser from Knox College on Confronting Our Consumerism. At this talk, Tim presented (more like threw) information at us about our current global consumption patterns and what he found through investigating values, ecological footprint and materialistic values.

I’ve just got a few points to share that Tim told us about that I did not even know about and I hope you find not only startling but interesting.

– Materialistic people are less likely to engage in environmentally friendly behaviour.

– Higher CO2 emissions can be significantly correlated to increases in mastery values (this is related to do with competition amongst one another and innovation to create something better than one another).

– People who score high on materialistic values are: score lower on empathy, higher in Machiavellianism, higher in racial/ethnic prejudices, lower in pro-social behaviour and higher on anti-social behaviours.

– Lastly, children exposed to higher amounts of advertising/marketing score higher on materialism.

If you want to find out more, Tim is in collaboration with other researchers in this field and have written numerous published scholar articles so just give him a google.

I’m also going to be looking at the WWF Living Planet 2014 report in the coming blog posts and will also be looking at how we can change this and in particular how you can change this for yourself (if you wish).

Keep breathing guys,



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