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Bill the Billboard

Bill the Billboard

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly learn another new thing today- well you can and it’s called Bill.

A billboard that makes jokes about you? Enter Sprite, one of our favourite softdrinks and Ogilvy Kenya (a communicating agency) and you get Bill, promoting the notion to Obey You at an intersection in Nairobi,

Self loving guys & have a great weekend!



Hexamine Canadian graphic designer Laurence Gregoire has created these coloured pencils that have zero packaging in order to minimise waste. These wooden pencils are bound together and can be snapped off. Awesome. -S.

A letter from Sophie

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying the content on sprinkles of happy and that it’s brightening up your day (if you needed it) or at least giving you some neuronal firing.

Introducing 2 new things on this blog as of today.

Number 1. The hashtag #gender equality. I’ve updated the relevant posts with the hashtag now which are all here. Just a quick point out that this hashtag won’t only be focusing on women but will also focusing attention of the male inequality.

Number 2. A letter from Sophie! (also # a letter from sophie) In a bid to make this blog a tiny bit more personal minus telling the whole world who I am (unless you actually know me in person, then that’s ok) and what I’m up to on a day to day basis (sciencing fyi). Not sure how often these will be posted but let us just see.

Have a good week me hearties.


Going Home

Going home

In light of the recent high coverage female sexual assaults in India, film director Vikas Bahl has created a short film depicting a world a women would like to believe exists. This is in conjunction with Vogue India which has started the #Vogueempower campaign.

This clip was placed on youtube and has currently over 2 millions views. It’s a short but powerful clip starring one of India’s rising stars, Alia Bhatt (who made her debut in the film Student of the Year in 2012, which is a great movie for the rom-com lovers out there), whose car breaks down on a quiet street. A car full of men stop to help. You’ll just have to watch to see how the clip ends.

I think in a country where progress has been slow on such a huge issue (and apparently is being used as political leverage rather than being recognised as a basic human right but perhaps this is a hard cultural change) using high profile stars to target a large audience and the right audience is a great way to go.

“I pledge to create a short film titled ‘Going Home’, in which we visualise a utopia for women, where, unlike today, mistrust and fear don’t dictate actions and decisions,” – director Vikas Bahl.



Foodtone So many great artworks with Pantone. Isabella Vacchi, a photographer based in Milan, has this great collection of snaps featuring food and their corresponding Pantone colour. To see more of her great work click here and for her tumblr click here. So many colours. Have a great weekend guys. -S.

Any time is game time

Anytime is Game time

Here on Sprinkleofhappy, I like a good advertising campaign and here is another by Mattel Games. Together with TrojanOne, an interactive display was set up in a mall in Toronto where shoppers were invited to play Pictionary. Correct guesses were rewarded by Mattel staff.

Creative, fun and focusing on having a good time in a public space, thumbs up from me.


Equal Payback Project

Equal Payback Project

Sarah Silverman stars in a hilarious crowd funding ad for equal pay. This new campaign is headed by advertising agency Droga5 and the National Women’s Law Centre

In 2014, women are only earning 78 cents to a man’s dollar which equates to roughly $435,049 over a woman’s career and collective to $30 trillion US for 69 million in the workplace. So the Equal Payback project aims to crowd fund that $30 trillion back where the money will go towards the National Women’s Law Centre (who advocate women’s issues).

Hope you enjoy the ad and have a great weekend.


Consumerism and Values

Consumerism and values

I recently went to a public lecture given by Professor Tim Kasser from Knox College on Confronting Our Consumerism. At this talk, Tim presented (more like threw) information at us about our current global consumption patterns and what he found through investigating values, ecological footprint and materialistic values.

I’ve just got a few points to share that Tim told us about that I did not even know about and I hope you find not only startling but interesting.

– Materialistic people are less likely to engage in environmentally friendly behaviour.

– Higher CO2 emissions can be significantly correlated to increases in mastery values (this is related to do with competition amongst one another and innovation to create something better than one another).

– People who score high on materialistic values are: score lower on empathy, higher in Machiavellianism, higher in racial/ethnic prejudices, lower in pro-social behaviour and higher on anti-social behaviours.

– Lastly, children exposed to higher amounts of advertising/marketing score higher on materialism.

If you want to find out more, Tim is in collaboration with other researchers in this field and have written numerous published scholar articles so just give him a google.

I’m also going to be looking at the WWF Living Planet 2014 report in the coming blog posts and will also be looking at how we can change this and in particular how you can change this for yourself (if you wish).

Keep breathing guys,


Wood and Paint

Wood and Paint Belgium designer Stefaan De Croock (who also goes by the name of Snook) created a mural out of recycled wood and spraypaint. If you click through to his site, you’ll find more of his work that evolve around geometric patterns. I personally think the wood looks cooler because of the colours contrasting […]

Gun Country

Gun Country Artist Michael Murphy creates art installations that use graphic illusions. This work- aptly named as Gun Country, uses 150 toy guns and when viewed from a certain direction, becomes a map of the US. Michael uses a range of different materials for his illusions so check out his website for more! -S.