Tomorrow Machine

Tomorrow machine

The packaging around your meat, the container your cream comes in, the bag your carrots come in are all made from plastic. Then comes Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design studio, who are making food packaging that is 100% bio-based and biodegradable.

With a few inventions that include wrappers that change into bowls or packaging meant for composting, the new series This too shall pass features packaging that break down (pictured above). The hump in the design road has been trying to find materials that don’t react with each other. However, the success so far has paired science with sustainability well enough to warrant their Microgarden (tiny greenhouse made from agar seaweed) to be commercialised.

Featured above we have the basmati rice in a beeswax shell, olive oil encased in caramelized sugar and smoothies in agar gel.

With their aesthetically pleasuring designs, i wouldn’t mind finding their products on supermarket shelves!

More pics here.



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