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Shoot goals not guns

Shoot Goals not Guns

For those of us who missed it, 21st September was International Peace Day and to mark this day Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai created a new campaign for the NGO Peace One Day.

A fooseball table was made but with a twist, the football players were all world leaders. Check out the video for some close up bobble heads.

Peace guys.


BBDO Traffic Lights

German company BBDO partnered with Smart to bring ‘The Dancing Traffic Light’ to the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. 

Members of the public were invited into a dance box where their dance moves were captured and projected onto traffic lights in real time leading to 81% more pedestrians stopping at the lights.

If only it didn’t cost so much to set up and execute.

Happy Friday guys and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Onefootball Office Space

Office spaces Onefootball (who i had never heard of but are apparently is a huge thing connecting ~14 million football fans across 200 countries) have recently moved into this new office created by TKEZ Architects. Channelling a football theme, this old factory has turned into delightful office space complete with artificial green lanes that includes […]

Hunagrian Cubes

Hungarian Cubes German-Hungarian artist Katharina Roters captured pictures of ornately decorated Hungarian houses-standard housing built around the 1920s often associated with post-war communist Hungary. Known as Kadar cubes-named after communist president János Kádá- these houses are typcically met with hostility and disregard by locals. Decorated by their owners in a bid to add character in […]

Win a free flight with KLM Dutch Airline

Win a free flight by hi-5-ing someone

Dutch airline KLM rolled out these interactive machines on a Live High Five event simultaneously in Amsterdam and New York. With real time video cameras, strangers on both sides had to achieve the perfect hi-5 with each other.

What a great way to go about free tickets! Tick for the creative marketing box by KLM.

Have a great weekend!


Nhow Berline

Nhow Berlin Note to self, next time I’m in Berlin- to book into this hotel. This hotel targets musicians and music lovers and together with Berlin-based art director Olivier Nowak, have transformed the hotel to include song lyrics around the hotel on a pink background and are captioned with artist and year. For more pictures, […]

Tomorrow Machine

Tomorrow machine The packaging around your meat, the container your cream comes in, the bag your carrots come in are all made from plastic. Then comes Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design studio, who are making food packaging that is 100% bio-based and biodegradable. With a few inventions that include wrappers that change into bowls or […]

La Policia Esta Presente

La Policia esta presente After the Citizen Security Law draft was approved last month in Spain, anonymous artist group Luzinterruptus (previously blogged about here) took to the streets to protest. With lights. This act whose very basis is to make citizen’s protest against the Government illegal. This art installation wanted to draw attention to this […]

Emirates Upcycles

Emirates upcycles marketing poster

Definitely a move in the right direction, airline Emirates has recycled their posters by turning them into shopping bags. Using a 208 square metre poster taken from outside Zurich airport, they created more than 300 reusable shopping bags in 16 days.

In addition to this, the Swiss company Feinschliff were involved, which offers employment to people who have been unemployed for a large period of time.

Excellent choice by Emirates (even if it’s temporary and in a bid to win some brand loyalty).



Sanctuaria Dutch designer Morgan Ruben Jansen op de Haar, inspired by nature meeting with the man-made world has created Sanctuaria. This art installation carries endangered plant species from around the world, in their own capsules- a haven away from their destroyed natural habitat. This collection offers such a strong statement where nature has to be […]