Minimalism Game

Minimalism Game

Josh & Ryan are the pair behind the Minimalists. Both were part of the corporate world, earning 6 figures, owned comfortable houses and cars heading into their 30s when they realised that they were still unsatisfied with their lives.

They have since, both became full-time authors and speakers about minimalism. Less is more when it comes to material and life possessions.

One of the links on their page points to the Minimalism Game which I have to say is pretty cool! If you’re ready for a clean-up of your material belongings or are finding that your hoarding ways are starting to clutter your life then maybe this game is right up your alley.

Briefly, you start this game with someone else (or a group of people) and on the 1st day of the month- get rid of 1 thing. On the 2nd day, get rid of 2 and so on. The one who lasts longest throughout the month wins.

Protip: remember that charities, libraries and the recycling centre would also like some of your things!

The Minimalists are also due to be releasing a documentary soon filmed by Matt d’Avella and you can watch the trailer here.

Happy de-cluttering guys,



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