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Can Currency

Can Currency

The Swedes are doing it again, leading the way in social resonsibility and creativity. Enter DDB, a company that brings business ideas to life.

Find one of these (looks like some sort of signage), take a bag, collect some cans the next time you’re out with friends at a music festival (where these are rolling out at), collect your cans and then go and trade you bag of cans in at McDonalds for some food.

Instilling in people to be environmentally aware and to clean up after themselves whilst getting something out of that. I hope this idea has taken off.




Dispatched German artist Jan Vormann has used lego bricks to patch up crumbing buildings. Starting in Bocchignano, Italy (top picture)- Dispatched has now gone on  be a world wide phenomenon. Click here to find lego bricks in other countries. Second picture from Amsterdam. The use of the very durable plastic bricks, brings a small amount of bite-sized fun into an […]

Why walk when you can dance

Why walk when you can dance?

How cool would it be if each major intersection crossing had music blasting when the lights turned green? Can you even imagine how much fun that would be if the songs changed each time? What about train stations?

There is just too much talking, selling and pushing. If boring places just put on some more plain music, maybe people would be in a better mood by a bit of groovin’.


Mall of the World

Mall of the World

Introducing the world’s first temperature controlled city! The folks over at Dubai Holding plan to develop this city (yes, actually) that will occupy 48 million square feet that will feature a shopping mall, 100 hotels, a theme park and a medical tourism area not to mention the 7km shopping strip.

You can have a watch of the ~1 minute clip above. The aim of this project is to allow tourists to enjoy a normal city experience for as long as they want at any time of the year.

I thought that’s what the rest of the world does on a day to day, year to year basis. You can probably tell by my tone that this idea doesn’t run well with me. All that energy to power the city, maintenance and money to build. Getting a little too Hunger Games-esque with efforts and costs probably more productive in other causes around the world than this. Only in Dubai.


10 things that happen when you start learning another language

1. You start accumulating books in that language in the hopes that you’ll be fluent enough to read them one day. Or maybe it’s just me.

2. You will start to edge your new language into as much everyday conversations in your native language as you can. Some friends part take in this leisurely past-time. Whilst others just don’t understand what you’ve just said.

3. You start to become really fascinated with the culture, food, people and country. (if you weren’t already)

4. You will look lovingly at your colourful textbook with pretty pictures more than you ever did with high school compulsory reading books.

5. Your room starts to become adorned with lists of new words that you want to learn. This may creep into your bathroom as well.

6. When you hear that language you’re learning on the streets, you’ll immediately tune in to see if you can understand what they’re talking about. For me, that is usually no.

7. There will come a point where you decide it’s all too hard. And you no longer look lovingly at your textbook.

8. You get over it and push through until you reach another point where you think it’s all too hard again. This is where you try and find more fun and interactive ways to learn with varying degrees of success.

9. You dream of retiring in that country with your perfect idea of a perfect house with perfect food and a perfect lifestyle. Maybe that’s just me again but surely not?

10. You’re still learning new words and phases X number of years later. It’s a continual learning journey.


Eiffel Tour

Eiffel Tour Paris is pretty architecturally and there is nothing more quintessentially french than Le Tour Eiffel. Named after engineer Gustave Eiffel and opened in 1889, Le tour stands at 324 metres high and has about 7 million visitors annually. As a France lover, climbing the Eiffel tower was on my bucket list. With everything […]

Sevilla: A personal struggle

I was recently in Seville, a town situated in south west Spain in the Andalusia region. Having arrived from milder cities of more wintery temperatures, I was greeted with 39-40 degrees during most of my stay in Sevilla. Armed with no working knowledge of Spanish (bad bad pre travel prep), a previous week of no […]

Grooming and Productivity

Grooming and Productivity.

Australian news reporter Tracey Spicer gave this awesome TedEx talk about grooming and productivity.

She presents startling findings that women on average spend 27 minutes a day on personal grooming. This amounts to approximately 3276 hours in her lifetime compared to only 1092 hours for men.

3275 hours could equate to completing a pre MBA course at Oxford Business School, becoming proficient at a musical instrument or learning another language.

In addition to this decreased productivity in the time we actually have, doubling grooming time equals to a decrease of 3.4% in income for women.

The way society wants women to be perceived is at the expense of our bag of skills and ultimately hurts ourselves. 


Minimalism Game

Minimalism Game

Josh & Ryan are the pair behind the Minimalists. Both were part of the corporate world, earning 6 figures, owned comfortable houses and cars heading into their 30s when they realised that they were still unsatisfied with their lives.

They have since, both became full-time authors and speakers about minimalism. Less is more when it comes to material and life possessions.

One of the links on their page points to the Minimalism Game which I have to say is pretty cool! If you’re ready for a clean-up of your material belongings or are finding that your hoarding ways are starting to clutter your life then maybe this game is right up your alley.

Briefly, you start this game with someone else (or a group of people) and on the 1st day of the month- get rid of 1 thing. On the 2nd day, get rid of 2 and so on. The one who lasts longest throughout the month wins.

Protip: remember that charities, libraries and the recycling centre would also like some of your things!

The Minimalists are also due to be releasing a documentary soon filmed by Matt d’Avella and you can watch the trailer here.

Happy de-cluttering guys,