Arc de Triomphe of Waste

Arc de Triomphe- Waste from civilization

Artist Markus Jeschaunig builds an Arc de Triomphe made of stale bread sourced from bakeries, supermarkets and waste bins.This art installation is a little stale itself (get it?) as it happend in 2012 in Graz, Austria. The inspiration for this work was part global consumption, food waste and figures that the 8 millions Austrians produce around 170, 000 tonnes of food waste annually. 

Triumphal arcs have been used since the Romans to victories or commemorate some sort of societal progression and to use it in this piece of work is genius to highlight his message.

The bread, seen as the basic additions to most meals, is a symbol to represent that society’s need to produce (whatever that may be) and is available to us indefinitely.

The supply of all our products, from sourcing materials, packaging and transportation requires an enormous amount of energy and our resources and the amount of perfectly wasted food going to waste is a reflection of our over consumption.

As members of society, maybe it’s time to have a think of our own consumption and hope that this monument doesn’t one day become an actual monument as a celebration of our victory over our environment and those who go to bed hungry each night.

For more pictures of this installation, click here.


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