A moment of Peace

A moment of peace

A few things move me to tears of happiness- scenes of animals being saved or seeing their behaviour reflect that of humans on a moral level, seeing good friends after a long time and a moment of peace in a place where you are overcome with awe.

I had organised a trip with Norway in a Nutshell which takes you through the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. The trip runs in both directions between Oslo and Bergen (previously blogged about here) and offers some of the most marvellous scenery I have ever seen.

As we our boat set off, the wind chill set in. This was towards the end of the Norwegian winter with the temperature lurking around the 0 degree mark. As the ride continues, the fjords become narrower leaving you completely surrounded. Not a sound of modernisation is heard (except that of your boat) as you past lone residences.

A lot of this ride was spend in silence (bar the fact I was travelling alone) but this moment had to be shared with a comment. So i made one in passing to the Austrian man sitting nearby. We shared the mutual appreciation for what was around us. We sat there in silence, in awe of the sights as Mother Nature immersed us in peace.

I’m not sure whether my eyes tearing up then were tears of complete happiness in such beauty. Or the blistering cold. Perhaps both.


P.S. Kudos to the Norwegians for keeping it as untouched as possible.

Pictures: Self explanatory.


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