3 Months on Sprinkle of Happy

Today marks 3 months since I decided to revamp SOH into an actual blog! As with many happy things, the past 3 months have flown past and I’m surprised by how much 3 months has changed my direction on what I want to blog about.

As I have been finding, it’s quite difficult to come up with good content to write about travel wise that hasn’t already been written about, suits what I want on this blog and is well researched enough to actually form a blog post. It’s hard work and I find that many of these are sitting as drafts for quite a while before I’m happy with it. Other travel pieces are easier to write and I think this has got to do with the emotional experiences that are attached to it.

The world of design and art around ethical consumption keep churning out such good content it’s hard to keep up! I’m glad that there is & think this area of society warrants more attention and creative works to reveal us to us.

I feel that as time goes on the blogging content will increase to capture the scoop of what is out there on topics that I want to share so I hope you’re enjoying the ride!

Hoping to be one of your favourite bloggers,


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