Plastic Free July

Challenge: Attempt to refuse single use plastic during July (includes straws, plastic cups, plastic bags and coffee cup lids)

By Who?: Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) in Perth

– Because every single piece of plastic ever created in still somewhere on this earth (much like carbon but that’s an argument for another time).
– Because approximately 10 billion plastic bags are used world wise on a weekly basis.
– Because 50 million straws are used daily worldwide.
– Because the impact that plastic has on the environment and wildlife is not yet completely known.
– Because Australians send 1 millions tonnes of plastic waste to the landfill every year.

What about you?:

I am jumping aboard this ship (have jumped aboard a while ago but this is no place to toot my horn). I will be having a go myself. Plastic bags are easy and I’ve been trying to change my grocery shopping ways this year by bringing reusable bags (which I’ve recently found are riddled with problems but another blog post). As an avid coffee drinker, I’ll be looking into purchasing a reusable coffee mug (and may have already purchased it by the time this blog post gets published). And I need to dig out my steel tin can (aka reusable water bottle).

Click here for more information. Happy plastic free-ing!



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