Packing tips for India

Packing tips for India

I would consider myself quite a semi glamourous packer. On almost every single trip I’ve always packed SOMETHING that I didn’t need or use and hope that one day, i will become a packing pro. I’d like to share with you some secret tips about packing for India that I was told and found quite helpful.

1. A roll of toilet paper in your everyday backpack. I would encourage the use of a backpack so you can fit all your goodies for adventures in it and ease of carry. You’ll come across many toilets that don’t have toilet paper (and many squat toilets- even at tourist sites) so make it easier for yourself by having your own.

2. Easy to manoeuver pants/bottoms. Depending on season, pack bottoms that you can handle when going to a squat toilet with. Pants that can be folded into ¾ pants or are tapered at the bottom or maxi skirts that you can handle are perfect.

3. Hand sanitizer and/or wet wipes. Said toilets without toilet paper are also probably sans hand soap. Wet wipes are also handy but be aware that most are not biodegradable so check the packet before stocking up on these.

4. For the ladies- sanitary disposal bags. Again non degradable but there are also sanitary cups if you want a bio-friendly option.

5. Mini first aid kit. I usually pack one on every trip that just contains the bare essentials like band-aids, stop itch, anti-septic cream, panadol and lucas paw paw ointment but on this trip, I got a prescription of anti diarrhea tablets before i left (and didn’t need but good to have) and we also found out during this trip that anti-histamines would’ve also come in handy! You can get medications during your trip but we discovered that pharmacies don’t always sell you packets of things.

5. Scarf. In a modest country, scarves can be used to cover too much skin, visiting temples/mosques, headscarf in some religious places and be used as a, well, scarf.

6. Open mind and open heart. The secret to travelling in my books. Push those preconceptions aside and ride that wave. Be open to new ideas, people, food, sights and smell and I hope that you’ll find something that you like.


Pictures: From the streets of Old Delhi to the desert, what a trip it was.


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