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Plastic Free July Recap

During the last month, I hopped onto the Plastic Free July cause to see how much single use plastic I could refuse.

So how did it go?
It went well. I did forget my cloth bag a handful of times (I think 2 or 3 times) and I was unsuccessful at finding a reusable coffee mug. But I started bringing my mug to the coffee stall instead (also helps when they’re located in the building) and have my steel tin can as a water bottle again. I declined a plastic bag (because I knew they wouldn’t have a paper one & I can only remember this because it happend last week) and carried my item in my bag instead.

What did I learn?
That EVERYTHING comes in plastic. Plastic takeaway containers, things I want to eat and use come in plastic packaging, earbud things, toothpaste is packaged in it and I came across a business that charges you more to dine in (take-away came with plastic everything and a plastic bag!).

Where do I go from here?
Ridding plastic from the world won’t be happening anytime soon because it’s so engrained (argh!)! But it made me more aware of its presence and my usage. Reducing plastic bags has been on my NYresolutions but I think now it should also include other single use plastics. This is only a small change but business owners out there (cough) have a whole lot of power. Now I need to go write my letter of complaint to this business….

Everything starts with 1 small change right?


Arc de Triomphe of Waste

Arc de Triomphe- Waste from civilization Artist Markus Jeschaunig builds an Arc de Triomphe made of stale bread sourced from bakeries, supermarkets and waste bins.This art installation is a little stale itself (get it?) as it happend in 2012 in Graz, Austria. The inspiration for this work was part global consumption, food waste and figures […]

A moment of Peace

A moment of peace A few things move me to tears of happiness- scenes of animals being saved or seeing their behaviour reflect that of humans on a moral level, seeing good friends after a long time and a moment of peace in a place where you are overcome with awe. I had organised a […]

Travel Photo Peeves

Travel Photo Peeves You take pictures all day and by the time you have a computer to flick through those holiday snaps. They’re shit. We’re all guilty of them so let’s go through some of my favourites (complete with photographic examples). Photo 1: The slanted photoLow and behold the slant. You’ve got an iconic monument/food […]

Why animals used at tourist sites make me feel uneasy

Why animals used at tourist sites make me feel uneasy News broke recently of a 50 yr old elephant, Raju, being freed by WIldlife SOS after having spent his entire life chained, starved and beaten to beg for money. Thought to have been poached as a calf, Raju survived on plastic and paper for food. […]

7 days of garbage

7 Days of Garbage Photography Gregg Segal is working on this 7 Days of Garbage (click here for more pics) photo series by asking people to pose with their rubbish accumulated within a week much like an archeological record of everyones’ way of living. After having a look through the pictures, I first noticed how […]

Laundry tips on the road

Laundry on the road

There may come times when you’re on the road, hoteling and need to wash your clothes. Options become quite limited and paying for your laundry at the hotel can be quite expensive. Local laundromats are an option (a very tempting option if there’s a cafe attached while you wait) but if you’re after something cheap and easy, let me share with you a way!

I learnt this way after finding it on someone else’s blog (which i can’t remember now) and have used it MANY MANY times.

All you’ll need is a towel and some shampoo.

1. Put in the plug and fill the sink basin with water, add your clothes and shampoo. I would give it a whirl/clothes a rub and some turning for good measure.

2. You can now leave it in there for a while. A good way to set it up is to do this before you get into the shower (if you only have 1 towel).

3. Drain and rinse all your clothes.

4. Squeeze your clothes dry and then using your towel, wrap your clothes with the towel and keep squeezing to draw out more water.

5. Hang clothes with coat hangers, chairs, door knobs, heaters etc. Remember to hang your towel too.

Ta da. Fresh smelling clean-ish clothes at the cost of almost nothing.

Happy clothes washing.


Picture: Clothes being dried in Varanasi, India. Beautiful spectrum of colours and clothes lining the boardwalk along the Ganges.

3 Months on Sprinkle of Happy

Today marks 3 months since I decided to revamp SOH into an actual blog! As with many happy things, the past 3 months have flown past and I’m surprised by how much 3 months has changed my direction on what I want to blog about.

As I have been finding, it’s quite difficult to come up with good content to write about travel wise that hasn’t already been written about, suits what I want on this blog and is well researched enough to actually form a blog post. It’s hard work and I find that many of these are sitting as drafts for quite a while before I’m happy with it. Other travel pieces are easier to write and I think this has got to do with the emotional experiences that are attached to it.

The world of design and art around ethical consumption keep churning out such good content it’s hard to keep up! I’m glad that there is & think this area of society warrants more attention and creative works to reveal us to us.

I feel that as time goes on the blogging content will increase to capture the scoop of what is out there on topics that I want to share so I hope you’re enjoying the ride!

Hoping to be one of your favourite bloggers,

Plastic Free July

Challenge: Attempt to refuse single use plastic during July (includes straws, plastic cups, plastic bags and coffee cup lids)

By Who?: Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) in Perth

– Because every single piece of plastic ever created in still somewhere on this earth (much like carbon but that’s an argument for another time).
– Because approximately 10 billion plastic bags are used world wise on a weekly basis.
– Because 50 million straws are used daily worldwide.
– Because the impact that plastic has on the environment and wildlife is not yet completely known.
– Because Australians send 1 millions tonnes of plastic waste to the landfill every year.

What about you?:

I am jumping aboard this ship (have jumped aboard a while ago but this is no place to toot my horn). I will be having a go myself. Plastic bags are easy and I’ve been trying to change my grocery shopping ways this year by bringing reusable bags (which I’ve recently found are riddled with problems but another blog post). As an avid coffee drinker, I’ll be looking into purchasing a reusable coffee mug (and may have already purchased it by the time this blog post gets published). And I need to dig out my steel tin can (aka reusable water bottle).

Click here for more information. Happy plastic free-ing!


Green Loop

Green Loop How cool is this idea to start the weekend? Green Loop is a proposed project by PRESENT Architecture that brings composting facilities (complete with a park on top) to New York city. More than $300 million is spent each year on transporting trash of which 30% is organic waste. By bringing composting to […]