Football Season

Football Season

UK based photographer Mandy Barker’s Penalty highlights plastic polluting the world’s oceans. 769 debris footballs from 41 different countries around the world are used in her works and each ball recorded as to where it had come from.

Her collection was helped by about 90 members of the public after using social media to help gather balls for her work from around the world. The bottom picture depicts balls from the countries playing in the World Cup 2014.

Whilst much (heaps) coverage on the World Cup around the world at the moment and the positive impact on Brazil’s own citizens*, the humble football can be viewed as a symbol of international solidarity which is also reflected by the help Mandy got from strangers around the globe, essentially helping to make this collection and I think the essence of her Penalty collection.

Marine pollution stands to be an international problem and the loss of a football from one beach only to be collected at another in another country lends this problem to only be resolved with international commitment.

For more of Mandy’s works centred around marine pollution and pictures from Penalty click here.



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