I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle.

Due to increasing levels of pollution in Paris, the French Government earlier this year imposed bans on driving by having only odd or even number plated cars allowed on roads on certain days. Exceptions were of course, granted for taxi’s, hydbrid cars and any car carrying more than 3 passengers.

And now France has added it’s name to the list of European countries who are paying workers to ride bikes to work in order to reduce pollution, increase health and cut fossil fuel consumption. Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Britain already have these schemes in place.

Denmark and in particular it’s capital city- Copenhagen, is an example on how cycling can still be a convenient and hassle free way to travel by their extensive bike lanes (which are seperated from the cars) and the promotion of cycling and cyclists in positive campaigns. On a side note, cycling in Denmark goes back a few decades and is very much instilled in their way of life. 

Here are some of the stats for 2012:

– About 52% of Copenhagen residents cycle to work or place of education everyday.

– For the ~550,000 inhabitants of Copenhagen, there are 650,000 bikes and 125,000 cars which works out to be 5.2 bikes per car.

Will these other countries succeed in their missions for cleaner air and residents willing to cycle? Only time will tell.

From the lady still reminiscing about my beaded bike spokes from my younger days,

Picture: This pic was suppose to be an early morning bike lane picture but I didn’t focus it properly but it turned out to be an awesome picture anyway. If you can get a window seat at a cafe with a busy bike lane in front, it’s the best people watching you can do. Very well dressed, business suits and heels are all on bikes. And they look every bit the glamour.

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