Peddy Mergui

Peddy Mergui is an Isreali designer behind the Wheat is Wheat is Wheat exhibit which packages everyday objects from your local supermarket with luxury branding.

His exhibit explores the arbitrary connection between product and packaging and designers balance of economic interest and personal morals when well….designing. In todays society, a lot of emphasis is placed on branding and trying to out brand each other.

What are we paying for when we buy “brands” at the supermarket? Are we looking at labels instead of what’s inside the packaging? What are we paying for when we buy “brands” in general?

“By observing Peddy Mergui’s new and improved “luxury” products we may see how brand alignment is perceived by many as acceptance to a status group or an affirmation of successful lifestyle. His exhibition: Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is a humorous yet provocative commentary on global consumer culture that may just have us questioning our next purchase.” Museum of Craft and Design

Some food for thought. Literally.



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